January 16, 2009

Family Fodder//Debbie Harry

Ok. Nobody hazarded a guess. That’s cool, just means I get to keep picking the songs. Sorry, Charlies.

The last installment in this madcap string of strange references is the original ode to one of my favorite punk femme fatales, Debbie Harry. Now, take a listen to the previous Unrest track again. Remember how Winona had that shoplifting problem? Well, I think we might consider this a song-lifting problem.

Family Fodder is a mysterious post-punk collective, based around Alig Pearce. This song was featured on Rough Trade’s Post Punk 2 Disc collection, which is how I came to hear it.

Debbie Harry.mp3

Deborah Harry, I’m having your baby.

Unrelated: if you’re around NYC tonight, you should come on out to this. Music starts at 8.

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