January 28, 2009

Blur//Clover Over Dover

Blur can get a little cutesy for my tastes, from time to time, but I genuinely really like Parklife…and a lot of their other stuff as well. Damon Albarn’s voice is very distinctive and I seem to enjoy it, wherever it shows up (even in Gorillaz, whose songs conjure up memories of a particular drunken night I’d rather not remember—A DIFFERENT STORY!).

Blur is definitely Brit Pop, in the vein of their obvious forefathers, The Beatles or the Kinks or Pulp. Even their lyrics have a distinctly English feel. I’m American. If I was going to fantasize about offing myself, I’d probably be involving the Brooklyn Bridge—certainly not the white cliffs of Dover. Brilliant!

This song is ridiculously catchy and is probably my favorite on the album, despite the obvious choice of intro track, “Girls &Boys,” a fabulous and very danceable song in its own right. What’s cool about “Clover” is that amazing harpsichord thing that kicks it off, and then keeps on throughout the whole thing. Downright charming, guys.

Clover Over Dover.mp3

I'm on the white cliffs of Dover,
Thinking it over and over,
But if I jump its all over;
A cautionary tale for you.


katherine said...

Whatever. You know you love that memory of that drunken night.

g said...