January 29, 2009

Animal Collective//Brothersport

I’m not one of those people who thinks that everything Animal Collective does is amazing. Not that I have anything against such people. Some of those people are some of my best friends. Am I starting to sound like someone whose “best friend is totally a minority!”? I don’t mean it like that, I’m just trying to provide some context in light of the entire internet going gaga over Merriweather Post Pavilion. I think the album is very good. I thought Strawberry Jam was very good too. That said, it’s got some miss tracks, like every Animal Collective album that I’ve heard.

So anyway, enough pseudo-naysaying. This song unquestionably kicks ass. I love how joyful it sounds. I’ve never had the distinct pleasure of seeing these guys live, but I have to imagine that this song would be a sight to behold in a show context.


You got to
Open up your,
Open up your
Throat a little!
Until fully grown,
You got a real good shot--
Won't help to hold inside.
Keep it real, keep it real, shout out!


Kevin said...

This song was gorgeous.

My friends saw AC last week in Chicago and weren't that impressed. But I would love to see them live.

music-type-writer. said...

oh, so you're that gina. i just stumbled across this site quite randomly (as these things happen) but it's funny cuz just yesterday emily bate was telling me how her friend gina was nominated for a bloggie...

so, hi, i'm ross, friend and now drummer (and huge admirer) of emily bate. congratulations on the nom; i went and voted for you. hope to meet you for real some time...my music blog's here if you want to check it out.

oh yeah, i'm on pretty much the same page w/ you about animal collective, and "brothersport" is totally sweet. my friend played it to cap off a party we dj'd last weekend, which was just lovely.

g said...

I feel like the old days of AC were supposed to be the golden days. I'd still be interested in seeing them some time though.