December 10, 2008

Life Without Buildings//Young Offenders

Last night, I went to see Black Watch at St. Ann’s Warehouse (thanks, Karl!). I was kind of blown away by how good it was and some of the thematic food for thought it provided.

It also got me thinking about the Scots and their pretty unique cultural contributions (bagpipes, kilts, Belle and Sebastian…hello!). This song doesn’t really have anything to do with the content presented in the play, but it is from Scottish art school band, Life Without Buildings.

I really liked listening to this song, and other LWBs songs, when I lived in London, especially right before a particularly debaucherous night out at The Ghetto. My, that was a different time. Nag Nag Nag? Misshapes? Anybody?

Young Offenders.mp3

Wednesday pick-me-up: how I need you!

In any city other city in the world…

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