November 17, 2008

Jorge Ben//Take It Easy, My Brother Charles

Sometimes you just need to calm the fuck down. I know I do.

Unfortunately, I think occasionally having an irrational freak-out is part of the human condition (unless you’re Meursault from The Stranger—nothing riles that guy’s feathers…but it might be because he’s a fictional Camus character meant to embody existential crisis…LOOPHOLE!).

Good thing for us, we have Jorge Ben , reminding us in Brazilian Portuguese with big, big swing to keep it cool. After all, being hotheaded doesn’t really get you anywhere, my brother Charlie. I wonder if Ben sang this song to himself throughout his plagiarism lawsuit with Rod Steward regarding, of all songs, “Do You Think I’m Sexy?”.

Take It Easy, My Brother Charles.mp3

Charlie, take it easy, my boy.
Take it easy, my friend.

Take it easy, my friend.


rebecca for moderns said...

AND! in more calm news (caps and exclamation mark notwithstanding), ben is like bem, which = 'good' in portuguese, as in: tudo bem? tudo bem. tudo ben? tudo ben. everything's good. everything's ben.

One Song said...

bem bem bem bem!!!!!!
that's the noise that "playful punks" make when you pick them up in katamari damacy.

zackblair said...

do you know any others songs or artists like ben?

g said...

Hey Zack,

I would start with the Tropicalia: A Revolution in Sound Soul Jazz comp and expand from there. Some of my favorite artists of this era/movement, besides Ben, are Caetano Veloso and Gal Costa.


zackblair said...

okay, is there any place that you may know that carries it?

also you should check this out, I found it way interesting :

g said...ália/dp/B000BM7UBY