November 21, 2008

Jens Lekman//Higher Power, Pocketful of Money and It Was a Strange Time in My Life

Ok, a disruption of the plan kept me from posting yesterday and will keep me from posting Monday too, so in lieu of a LMF (and in celebration of my trip today to the newly opened Red Hook IKEA), please accept these three truly stunning tracks from the King of Swedish Indie Pop, Jens Jekman.

I love Jens Lekman. No. I mean, I loooooooooove him. I actually once told a friend that if I were going to be super radical and have my own gender pronoun, it would be Jens. Is that creepy? I was mostly being flippant.

Oh! What an amazing combination of sweet sentimental pop, fantastic songwriting and modern sampling. I think you will become obsessed, if you're not already. I'm pretty sure this man cannot release bad music. As a testament to this, please find here three tracks from his three albums, all stunning:

Higher Power.mp3
from When I Said I Wanted to be Your Dog (2004)

Those violins? That french horn? That beautiful expressed nostalgia for young naive rebellious love? Oh, I melt.

Pocketful of Money.mp3
from Oh You're So Silent Jens (2005)

This is my favorite Jens song. Wow. It just has such a unique feeling to it, right down to the harmonized-over Beat Happening sample.

It Was a Strange Time in My Life.mp3
from Night Falls Over Kortedala (2007)

I like the samples in this track and the melody is undeniably strong. That said, the lyrics are really the the major hook here. This song has made me cry. Of course, there are those giant violins at the end to drive home the melodrama. They might help.

Chances are this will not be the last Jens post, as he has scores of worthy tracks, but I think this serves as a suitable introduction, to say the least. I also urge you to see this man live, if you ever have a chance. He delivers.

I'll leave you with this supremely cute video for Sippin' On Sweet Nectar, off his latest. Yes, he is actually flying that plane!:

I had a good time at the party,
When everyone had left.
I flirted with a girl
In sign language cuz she was deaf.

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