November 12, 2008

Folk Implosion//Free to Go

Folk Implosion. Remember them? They had that weird hit called Natural One in the 90s. It had a really weird video. You were a little freaked out by it, but it also got stuck in your head.

Folk Implosion is awesome and Natural One is not even close to being their best song! This is their best song. It’s about being a kid and feeling like you have no agency in your life, and then the moment when you do have agency in your life—and how awesome that is. Don’t you remember?!

With sound so weird and songs so catchy, it’s no surprise that Folk Implosion (Lou Barlow and John Davis) has personnel ties to Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh and Sentridoh.

Free to Go.mp3

Trapped in the backseat,
Stay on your side.
My hand out the window,
Feeling the wind rush by,
While my parents fight.


Katherine Kornas said...

I always get Folk Implosion and "Natural One" confused with White Town and "Your Woman."

You and Als are big White Town fans, right? ; )

One Song said...

i actually love white town!

als is the hater.