November 13, 2008

The Dodos//Walking

My friend Emily Elert (who has a science blog that you should read because a. it's amazing and b. you always wanted to know how metrocards worked!) referred me to this band and I am pretty much addicted now. The songs can be a bit hit or miss (definitely very eclectic), but I love this one and Fools.

The way this album sounds (in tandem with the fact that they’re from SF), I was ready to swear on someone’s grave that this band recorded at JV's Tiny Telephone. But I was wrong about that. The correct answer: Portland’s Type Foundry, which also has some tasty looking gear and an impressive client list, including the very recently aforementioned Decemberists and Spoon. Regardless, the outcome is a very nice sounding album with great analogy prod values. NERD. I know. I’ll shut up, so you can listen to this:


You can fight the fire that’s in your head.

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