October 28, 2008

The Replacements//Beer for Breakfast

Can you believe that I just started listening to the replacements like…a week ago!? WHY!? They’re so good!

Here’s why: I read this book called Petal Pusher, who is incidentally by Laurie Lindeen, now wife of Paul Westerberg, then founder of Zuzu’s Petals. Anyway, I wanted to like this book, but I didn’t. I wanted to like Laurie’s band, but I didn’t really (they’re not too bad, just not exactly my cup’a). The positive outcome of this situation is that I was moved to check out some Minneapolis music (the early 90s Minneapolis scene probably could be its own character in the book) and turns out, it’s great! Let me tell you, Minn-e-apolis! I barely even knew where Minnesota was for all of my childhood existence and much of my adult life.

Anyway, I got some Replacements and I’m totally into it. They seem like a band I should have started loving roughly 9 years ago. And Paul Westerberg IS totally cute. Yeah, he is.

Bonus: all I want to do IS drink beer for breakfast!!! But I could take or leave the BBQ chips.
Bonus Bonus: Wikipedia tells me that actress Wynona Ryder was a big fan of The Replacements and that in Heathers, she supposedly convinced the director to name the high school "Westerberg High" after Paul Westerberg. Funny, because when I first started reading about them, that’s immediately what came to mind. But we all know how I love Heathers!!!

Beer for Breakfast.mp3

Baby boy’s fine!
Baby boy’s drunk!

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