October 6, 2008

Mirah//Mt. St. Helens

You know the albums you play so much that you kind of can't even listen to them anymore? These are the ones that are so good, so burned into you, that you just OD on them. This is how I feel about Mirah's Advisory Committee.

I first encountered Mirah on one of my epic roadtrips with Stevie. He described her to me as "your new favorite band." And he was right. It was definitely love at first listen. I kept rewinding the tape and queuing it up again, as Stevie slept in the passenger seat.

After that, I had a number of funny Mirah experiences, including traveling to strange places (like Canada) to see her, friends opening up for her, friends letting her stay in their rooms. Mirah, you are everywhere.

Mt. St. Helens is a beautiful song, which showcases all her talents: great songwriting, beautiful lyrics and amazing Phil Elvrum-produced sounds and builds.

Mt. St.Helens.mp3

I could never come back home again.

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