October 29, 2008

Gang of Four//I Found That Essence Rare

Like the economy, I’m feeling a little punky this week—like I’m in the mood to thrash around my apartment yelling poorly enunciated “lyrics.”
Yes, I was doing this last night to “Beer For Breakfast” on repeat. No, I am not ashamed.

Enter Gang of Four, a 70s British post punk group that lifted their name from a leftist political faction composed of four Chinese Communist party officials.

This song, stripped down as the sound is, delivers big post-punk edge with cynical post-punk lyrics. GOF was heavily influenced by Television, so you can tell why I’m into it. Entertainment, the album from which this song comes, is consistently named essential in critical music circles.

I first heard this song when I was living in London. Getting back to that context thing, it made perfect sense with the grey depressing weather and the somewhat downtrodden angst of everyone I met.

I Found That Essence Rare.mp3

Feel the Wednesday? Feeling that 70s malaise?
Hopefully the current financial crisis will spur a musical movement as weird and angry as punk. Fingers crossed. But it’s not like I care or anything.

The worst thing in 1954 was the bikini!
See the girl on the TV dressed in a bikini!
She doesn’t think so, but she’s dressed for the H bomb!
Look at the world through your Polaroid glasses!
Things don’t look a whole lot better for the working classes!


theneedledrop said...

One of the best songs of all time!

The Disappeared said...

Nearly thirty years old and still sounding sharp, focused and angry.
They were a very cool band.

g said...

This one really did hold up well.