September 10, 2008

Hot Hot Heat//Oh, Goddamnit

It’s Expletive Week, motherfuckers!!!
What does that mean? That means a week of totally offensive songs.

When I started working for The Michigan Daily, I was in a beautiful sea of incoming free review copies. Hot Hot Heat’s Make Up the Breakdown was one of the albums that found its way to my dorm room in a manila envelope that I actually loved (most things, I panned). Hot Hot Heat is hipstery (in a world where “hipster” was just starting to enter everyday lexicon) for sure, but for rocky, dancey fun, these guys deliver.

Oh, Goddamnit is all about that moment when you realize you fucked up. And that moment always warrents an expletive.

Oh, Goddamnit.mp3

Expletive "Fact": #3: “Goddamnit” gives you double curse word points, since not only are you calling for something to be damned, but additionally using the Lord’s name being in vain.

Oh, goddamnit. I think I lost it.

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