September 9, 2008

Broken Social Scene//I'm Still Your Fag

It’s Expletive Week, motherfuckers!!!
What does that mean? That means a week of totally offensive songs!

Canadian music collective phenomenon Broken Social Scene sure makes some pretty music. And you know it’s really pretty because it’s still pretty when it’s employing what used to a top gaybashing term.

I’m Still Your Fag turns the expletive around, making the word a sweet endearment, rather than a potential hatecrime threat. Of course, the fact that the song is about some in love closeted gay men doesn’t hurt.

I’m Still Your Fag.mp3

Expletive Fact #2: Fag may refer to: a British colloquialism for cigarette; a junior boy who acts or acted as servant ("Fagging") to a senior boy at a British independent school; or Faggot (slang), an American pejorative word or slur for a homosexual, especially a man, or for men who are judged to be "unmanly", weak or effeminate; in modern usage the word can be used as a general insult irrespective of sexuality or gender.

I swore I drank your piss that night to see if I could live

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