September 11, 2008

American Analog Set//Punk as Fuck

It’s Expletive Week, motherfuckers!!!
What does that mean? That means a week of totally offensive songs.

This song is called Punk as Fuck but it sounds more like Sad Bastard as Fuck. Partially, my extreme affinity for it comes from it’s hilarious name. And that fact that I secretly envision myself to be Punk as Fuck, especially if being Punk as Fuck can sound like this.

I love this band. They are so pretty and depressing. I was always surprised that they didn’t blow up.

This song is another Ali mixtape find, as many of the best songs are.

Punk as Fuck.mp3

Expletive Fact: #4: Punk as Fuck has 3 separate (equally hardcore) definitions in the Urban Dictionary.

Leave me to die in the comfort of my own home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love this song and the fact that this is the least punk as fuck song ever. Still great though.