August 20, 2008

Erase Errata//Thief Detests The Criminal

I wanted to get a little angry today. It’s Wednesday, but it feels like it should be Friday. Everyone’s working, but I feel like we should be rioting in the streets. Erase Errata—what could be more perfect?

I got really into EE in the early college years. This was the time of my life where my friends and I were forming a radical feminist collective called radigrrl. Yes, radigrrl. I am not joking.

Radigrrl’s mission was to “fuck shit up!,” which we did very well and very diy-style by defacing public property, volunteering at abortion clinics and making tshirts with stenciled-on depictions of sex toys.
Damn. We were crazy. And bands like EE, Sleater-Kinney, The Raincoats, Kleenex/Lilliput and Le Tigre were our soundtrack to kicking the patriarchy’s ass.

Fast forward to today and the whole thing seems like a quaint and funny jaunt down the memory lane of my sort of naive adolescent feminist awakening. Regardless, EE still knows how to fuck shit up!

Thief Detests The Criminal.mp3

I got the opportunity to see EE when living in London. It was a really awkward show, mainly because THEY all seemed really awkward and kinda crazy. Although, they still totally delivered the hard and fast punk sound I was expecting.

Last thing I heard, EE was on an extended hiatus. Unfortunate, because I doubt anyone could do what they do as well as them.

Make them count it out loud!
And then go back into the cold dark night!

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