July 30, 2008

Badly Drawn Boy//Once Around the Block

I never really got into Badly Drawn Boy. To be honest, I think he’s kind of overrated. That said, this song is one of the best I’ve ever heard.

My friend Ali put this on one of the first mixtapes she made for me. I used to drive around listening to it or sit in my old room in my parent’s house reading and blaring it out of my boombox. It was the last summer (or extended period of time for that matter) I lived with my parents, the one between Freshman and Sophmore year of college. It was a carefree time of hanging out with home friends, mountain biking and working a crappy wage slave-y job. Ahh, suburban summer.

This song fit perfectly with how I was feeling. Catchy and upbeat, but a tinge of sad is in there somewhere (I think I knew my aimless irresponsibility couldn’t last forever). Mr. Drawn Boy also makes some unconventional sound/arrangement choices, which I can totally get down with.

Once Around the Block.mp3

This track is from Badly Drawn Boy’s breakout album, Hour of the Bewilderbeast. I suggest you copy this over to a tape and listen to it that way for max enjoyment.

BDB recently released a download only album in February called The Time of Times. More info is on his site.

Keep your heart on your sleeve and your sole in your shoes.

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