September 29, 2011

The Strokes//New York City Cops

Yo, OSSers. How's it?

I've been feeling pretty conflicted lately. On one hand, in the words of the great Jackson Browne, "All good things gotta come to an end." On the other, in the words of my constantly approximating generation, "All good things kind of like might have to come to an end, sorta."

The argument with myself has been mostly going like this:

Me: You should stop writing OSS. You haven't even posted for over a month.
Me: Shutup. No. I love OSS.
Me: Then why have you abandoned it?
Me: I guess I just haven't really felt super motivated to write there for a while. I just got married! I'm focused on other making money and creating new kinds of frozen desserts.
Me: Total sell out. You are no longer cool.
Me: I am definitely still cool.
Me: You're only resistant to shuttering OSS because you know you'll no longer be able to say that you write a music blog at parties.
Me: That is NOT true. I can stop whenever I want to.
Me: Whatever. It's not even relevant anymore anyway. Look at the new world we're living in. Spotify. Turntable. Nobody reads music blogs anymore, least of all your weird ramblings about weird shit. And you don't even listen to punk rock anymore.
Me: No way! I'm still totally relevant. And I do too listen to punk rock!
Me: Do not!
Me: Do too!
Me: Do not!
Me: Shut up!
Me: No, you shut up!


As you can see, this was all very distressing. I was eager to compromise with myself and settle the thing once and for all. So this is what we...I mean I...came up with:

I am not killing OSS. But I am moving it to a greener pasture. No more daily posts, but hey, that hasn't been true in months anyway. Instead, I'll occasionally post links or videos for songs that I think are relevant or just awesome. And if you're still here reading, I'll still be here once-in-a while, writing. And if you're just looking for something to listen to, in between the static of the post web.0 world of Spotifies and Rdios and other music sites that have unpronounceable names, I'll still be here posting jams, a mere human being, capable of arguing with myself.

On another note, did you guys see this? Some good stuff there.

Of course, this song is still 100% relevant. Maybe now more than any other time in the last few decades or so:

New York City Cops,
They ain't too smart.

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