September 23, 2010

Was Not Was//Walk the Dinosaur

Thanks to me watching WAY WAY WAY too many episodes of Yacht Rock today, I am kind of in the mood for some cheesy 80s stuff. Thank god for Was Not Was.

Not Yacht Rock at all, Was Not Was is a super weird/very experimental band from suburban Detroit. In the 80s, they mashed together a lot of genres, including funk, jazz, disco and pop, with poetic and political lyrics. They got back together in the mid-00s for a reunion of sorts. This song, inexplicably about life in prehistoric times (where the dinosaur is obviously the family pet), is from their 1988 album What Up, Dog?.

I have a lot of good memories of dancing to this song as a very small child, usually with the other small children of friends of my dad. Actually, if you ever find yourself searching for the perfect song to dance to in the company of small children, this is definitely it. I'm into everything about this jam, except those cavemen dudes in the background. Even though I know I did love them as a child, I kinda don't love them now. Otherwise, timeless.

Walk the Dinosaur.mp3

It was a night like this, forty million years ago,
I lit a cigarette, picked up a monkey skull to go.


cris said...

I almost completely forgot about this song. It has definitely brought back some memories as a little kid dancing around with my friends and family. Thanks for sharing.

g said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who had this experience.

David said...

wow, flintstone flashback!! almost forgot I wrote this classic of paleo-funk.....
thanks for the nod, young'uns -- y'know, queen latifah covered WTDino for Ice Age 3 last year....gracias, mi reina!!


David Was

g said...

It is downright cool to get a comment from David Was. Thanks for checking out the post. I look forward to checking out the Queen Latifah version.