September 16, 2010

Michael Mcdonald//I Keep Forgettin', Warren G//Regulate

So, this story starts last weekend, when my parents had a little engagement party for A. and I. A lot of my friends happen to be musicians and so, parties often evolve into funny little jam sessions. Sean, a lifelong friends and Palmyra conspirator, sat down at the family piano and began playing some "beats." Another member of Palmyra, we'll call him Karl, jumped up and immediately started rapping along. The song was so familiar but I couldn't place it.

"REGULATE !!! by Nate Dogg and Warren G," Sean and Karl inform me.
"Yeah, I kind of remember."

I only kind of remember because the height of the song's popularity is 1994 aka the year I was 11 years old. I was highly impressed that Karl could remember so many of the words.

Fast forward to last night--I'm over at an honest-to-God pizza party at Sean's (another story for another post) and "I Keep Forgettin' by Michael Mcdonald (who unsurprisingly also had a stint with Steely Dan) ends up on the Youtube playlist. Again, I couldn't place it. Luckily, again, most of the people at this party were musicians. I was set straight and I want to set you guys straight too. As you will easily hear, "I Keep Forgettin'" is sampled heavily in "Regulate." These are two that I am really glad came out of my musical history blindspot.

Also, whoever wrote this seriously wins at life.

I Keep Forgettin'.mp3


I keep forgetting we're not in love anymore.
I keep forgetting things will never be the same again.
I keep forgetting how you made that so clear.


rebecca for moderns said...

You've seen this, right?

g said...

YES! Yacht Rock! Oh my god I never saw this one...Brill!