September 13, 2010

Blue Sky Black Death//Carl Sagan

She blinded me with science: Monday Mail
What is Monday Mail?

This song is named from much beloved scientist and planetary documentarian Carl Sagan.

Elliot from Sneak Attack says:

Blue Sky Black Death is a production duo made up of Ian Taggart and Kingston Maguire. The two are best known for their brand of orchestral Hip-Hop instrumentals and shoegaze influenced production which has been the backdrop for many vocalists - including members of Wu Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics, Jedi Mind Tricks and Non Phixion, among others.

After a successful debut on Mush Records, BSBD produced collaborations with rappers Hell Razah and Holocaust and produced an entire album for underground female rapper Jean Grae.

Their new album, Third Party melds synth-pop, indie rock and BSBD's own take on shoegaze backed by the oddly moving vocals of indie-pop songwriter Alexander Chen (of Boy in Static).

In my book, a song that’s actually reminiscent of the personality for whom the song is named gets serious extra points.

Carl Sagan.mp3

I’m not in pictures that your parents took.

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