August 12, 2010

Grouper//Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping

Let's slow things down a little today. Didn't Tuesday feel like it should have been a Thursday this week? Everyone close your eyes, take a deep breath and mellow out to this song by Grouper.

I had a professor in college who would start every class with 5 minutes of meditation and she would play something off the Pure Moods album every time. Remember those ads? Did you know that the theme from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was on that thing? I didn't know that terror was categorized as a pure mood! There was also a track by former Peter Greenaway collaborator Michael Nyman AND David Byrne. And who can forget The X Files Theme?

But I digress. I love listening to Grouper when I need to chill out, especially her last LP, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill. This song is the second track off the album, entitled Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping. Grouper is Liz Harris, an amazingly talented musician and artist. Check out the video for Hold the Way. Harris is the kind of artist that addles my OCD because she is so prolific and I want to collect everything she creates.

Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping.mp3

I'd rather be sleeping,
I'd rather fall in a tidal wave

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