August 4, 2010

Barbara Mason//Another Man

Ladies, can we talk for a minute. I mean really talk. Have you noticed your man doing anything… strange, lately? Does he linger just a little to long in front of the window display at Design Within Reach? Does he look better in those jeans that you wrestled away from some other bitch at Forever 21? Does some website called keep showing up in your browser history? You got a problem!

Don’t worry, Barbara Mason understands your pain. Mason got her start as a singer/songwriter in 1965 with the Top 10 hit Yes, I’m Ready. She had several other singles that broke the Top 20 R&B charts throughout the rest of the 60s. By the 1980s she’d shed the saccharine image that had defined her early career and released what may very well be the first song about being on the dl, today's sweet song: Another Man off the 1984 album, Tied Up.

I actually stumbled on this song thanks to a mix created by yesterday’s OSS artist, oOoOO, for Seattle clothing store Actual Pain. While the homophobic tone is slightly sobering, this song is still a jam worth listening to. If we can reclaim the word queer, why can’t we reclaim this funky beat, too?

Another Man.mp3

I even saw them holding hands walking down Market St.
You know where that is?


katherine said...

Market Street?! Come on. You and I both know that it would be Castro Street.

AJF said...

I think she means Market Street in Philadelphia. That's where the song was recorded.

AJF said...

It's probably Market Street in Philadelphia. That's where the song was recorded.