August 31, 2010

Wild Sweet Orange//Wrestle with God

Allow your mouth to water, because it’s Sweets Week.

I don’t know about you guys, but my family has a series of weird phrases that nobody else in the entire world seems to use anymore. I think a lot of these originated with my paternal grandfather. For example, does anyone you know say, “hold onto your girdles, girls,” when driving around particularly harsh curved highway on-ramps? Nope? Didn’t think so.

One of these phrases is, “sweet as sugar, sweet as sugar.” This is one you can say when eating a piece of fruit that is, well, as sweet as sugar.

Wild Sweet Orange, a band from Alabama, is also as sweet as sugar…just as you can imagine actual wild sweet oranges would be.

This song hit the blogs a few years back and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, looks like the band is currently on hiatus.

Wrestle with God.mp3

Is that the wind blowing through the tops of trees?
Are the cars humming through the streets?
It’s the moment passing right through me,
‘Cause the past is the only thing I see.

Wild Sweet Nothings :I’m kind of a freak, but I don’t like Watermelons. I get a lot of shit for this every single summer, so I make an effort to keep trying the much-beloved fruit. It’s not the flavor, it’s the texture. Give me some strawberries, give me some raspberries, give me a peach, give me a mango!

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