June 28, 2010

Class Actress//Careful What You Say

Back to your regularly scheduled program: Monday Mail
What is Monday Mail?

Is it just me or have the 80s come and gone a few times in the last 10 years? Maybe it’s just the end of history, but it seems like they’ve been back, then gone, then back, then gone at least three or four times since I entered college. I can never exactly decide if I like it.

Also, I bet you’re really ready for me to stop blabbering on and on about Northside, especially if you don’t live in the general NYC area (SORRY!), but Class Actress, who I caught at the fest, is delightfully 80s in the way I do like—synthpoppy somewhere between some choice Magnetic Fields albums and actually wearing shoulder pads.

Brooke from Big Hassle says:

Class Actress is led by Elizabeth Harper, the second artist to sign to Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear and Ethan Silverman's Terrible Records. Harper is joined by producers Mark Richardson and Scott Rosenthal for their debut, Journal of Ardency, which also features guest production from Jorge Elbrecht of Violens/Lansing-Dreiden.

Also worth noting, this quote:

Brooklyn's very own Madonna-New York Press

Although it might be slightly overstated, I think you’ll find this track in keeping with that sentiment. Actually, you know what it really reminds me of? Y Kant Tori Read. That’s what. And that in itself is really kind of amazing. What reminds you of THAT?

Finally, to wander back to Northside for one last hot minute, I had such an awesome time at the fest—although in combination with Pride, I am completely worthless today. I saw a million bands, hung out with friends and, of course, had so much fun organizing and playing last night’s show, which was a total blast in general. Thanks to Karl, The L, (festival buddies) Dana and Alida, Scott, Patrice, Ribbons and the rest of Palmyra (with an extra shout out to Kenny who made it through our set with a fever) for making it such a memorable night/festival.

Now, Class Actress, who I saw at the CLASSY new Knitting Factory space:

Careful What You Say.mp3

You just keep repeating the same thing.

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