May 3, 2010

Swimming in Speakers//Serve Them Well

Monday Mail Gets You Married.
What is Monday Mail?

Quiet Color really knows how to throw a party. Back in October, they had an anti-CMJ party featuring bandfriends Grandchildren and a pre-mega hype Sleigh Bells at the soon-to-be-reborn? Market Hotel. In January, they had a circus featuring aerial acrobats and indie rock, all under the same roof (that roof being the one that belongs to The House of Yes). As if that wasn’t enough, they now want to marry you. No, not like Quiet Color+You=Forever. More like, You+BF/GF/Lifepartner=Forever.

Alex says:

'Quiet Color's Magic Wedding' will be taking place on May 21st at Monster Island and we're looking for a sweet couple to be the bride and groom. The band Swimming in Speakers is making the trek from upstate NY, joining a 4 band bill for the ceremony which will also include a slew of magicians to ensure things stay magical.

Quiet Color has garnered much press over the years due to amazing performances by buzzed about bands and unconventional Brooklyn parties. Fortunately for all of us, one of our writers is a certified Reverend (non denominational) and is ready to marry you at our next show!!!! We'll have special beverages for the bride and groom and of course your whole wedding party is invited!

Drop us a line with your photos, a bit about you guys, and we'll be in touch!

Or spread the word about our Craigslist ad.

So, is this how you pictured your wedding? Partying down with hipsters and bands and magicians at Monster Island? Here’s a taste:

Serve Them Well.mp3

In opposition, we will be apprehended.

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