May 25, 2010

Archers of Loaf//Web in Front

This is the first Archers of Loaf song I heard. I heard it in 1998 (the year the band broke up—SEE WHAT I MEAN!) on a mixtape. Instant love.

To this day, AoL is one of those bands that brings people together, because for some astounding reason, they were never that popular. What they brought to the table was this classic 90s indie rock sound, some wonderfully weird lyrics and songs that were at once edgy and catchy. AoL (like Fugazi) also carried with them that awesome “put your money where your mouth is” anti-corporate aesthetic that was so strong in the 90s. The band actually refused a major label contract mostly because the other bands on Warner/Maverick were, according to drummer Mark Price, “that bad.”

After the breakup, lead singer Eric Bachmann went on to form Crooked Fingers.

Web in Front.mp3

And there’s a chance that things will get weird.
Yeah, that’s a possibility

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