April 19, 2010

Tender Trap//Oh Katrina

BAD POP DAY! Monday Mail!
What is Monday Mail?

On a sunny spring day roughly eight years ago, a few friends of mine declared it "Bad Pop Day!" This entailed playing lots of 60s-sounding happy pop music (including Dressy Bessy and Apples in Stereo) and smiling.

A few weeks ago, I received this message about the upcoming NYC Popfest:

Announcing its annual event, NYC POPFEST presents NYC POPFEST 2010 May 20th – May 23rd.
NYC POPFEST in the past has brought indie-pop to the forefront of New York’s indie rock scene. Having championed locals such as The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, My Teenage Stride, The Secret History, Human Television, The Drums, Knight School and countless others they’ve also brought international indie-pop to New York. From Sweden’s Love Is Al and The Radio Dept. to the UK’s The Orchids, NYC POPFEST has brought indie-pop to New York on a global scale.
In its fourth year, NYC POPFEST continues the tradition of presenting fine forms of pop from all over the world. This year features a mix of old and new. With the United Kingdom’s The Wake, Veronica Falls and Tender Trap, Sweden’s The Embassy and Massachusetts’ Pants Yell! all doing headlining duties, this year’s line-up is not to be missed!

I’ve made it to a few Popfest shows over the last few years and they’re always great, so I definitely wanted to spread the word. These shows are worth it.
Here’s the full lineup:

THURSDAY May 20TH, 2010 @ The Cake Shop in New York
Veronica Falls, Horowitzh, Leaving Mornington Crescent, Dream Diary, Elephant Parade and Sweater Girls
FRIDAY May 21st, 2010 @ Don Hill’s in New York
Tender Trap, Pants Yell!, Allo Darlin’, The Smittens and Cotton Candy
SATURDAY May 22nd, 2010 @ Spike Hill in Brooklyn (FREE DAYTIME SHOW)
One Happy Island, Moustache of Insanity, Gold-Bears, Corita, and Hearts! Attack
SATURDAY May 22nd, 2010 @ The Bell House in Brooklyn
The Wake, BOAT, My Teenage Stride, Bears, World Atlas and Very Truly Yours
SUNDAY May 23rd, 2010 @ Littlefield in Brooklyn
The Embassy, The Secret History, A Smile and A Ribbon, Neverever, Sea Lions, Bunnygrunt, Brown Recluse, Apple Orchard, The Young Friends, For Ex-Lovers Only and Santa Monica Swim & Dive Club
More about NYC Popfest.

This band, Tender Trap of K Records (hear more here) plays Don Hill’s with bandfriends The Smittens from Vermont. Also, don’t miss the very recently aforementioned Word Atlas at The Bell House (even though I won’t be there, since another K artist, Jason Anderson, will be playing a show at my house that night).

Somewhat related: I recently re-watched the delightful and hilarious But I’m a Cheerleader with my girlfriend. That film is full of songs (many by Dressy Bessy) that sound a lot like this one. Sugary, catchy, sweet, retro-inspired pop with sugar on top. It’s almost summer. It’s sunny. It’s Monday. We all need a little hope. Right?

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Brandon said...

Don't miss My Teenage Stride either. Best band in NYC, maybe.

I literally went to the ENTIRE fest last year. Such a good life. And very cute twee-lookin' people.

g said...

Definitely going to try to make it to some of it this year. Just for those cute twee kids though.