April 26, 2010

Television Keeps Us Apart//Parent's House in '99

In '99 I was 16: Monday Mail.
What is Monday Mail?

Sometimes you have an itch and you just have to scratch it. Sometimes that itch is synthy music that’s kind of emo. Apparently that’s the itch I had to scratch today.

This reminds me of lots of things. The Anniversary, The Postal Service, Pedro the Lion, even The Magnetic Fields at certain parts of the song. The lyrics are nostalgic and sweet, a little naïve. They fit the music nicely.

Television keeps us apart aka Carl and Axel hail from Sweden. I can’t really tell you much more about them, except that you can download their whole EP for free here.

If you’re here you know how gray and rainy it is today. This track should keep you good company.

Parent’s House in ’99.mp3

We were young.

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