April 30, 2010

Pony Pants//The Woodlands

Local Music Party
What's up with Local Music Fridays?

I should start by saying that listening to a recording of Pony Pants can not even come close to actually seeing Pony Pants live (hint: they're in NYC on May 8 at Cake Shop). They have this completely unique set up, sound and energy that turns the room into an instant party. And it's the right kind of party. It's not a stuffy party. It's not the kind of party that reminds you that you're "too old for this." It's that raucous kind of party where forget LIFE and awesome/weird things keep occurring around you. It's the kind of party that says, "life is weird and fun and here we are!"

The band is lead by singer Emily J.K., who is a great front(wo)man. When we played with them in Philly in March, there was a lot of thrashing around and singing on bended knee. She is supported by two metal-tastic brothers, Ryan and Steve Ellis, who played twin Gibson SGs in front of big Marshall amps. One of the things I found most striking about them is that they kind of seem like two different bands playing at once; one a two-guitar experimental metal group, the other a girl singing along to a drum machine. It's weird, but it really works.

This song is about getting caught sneaking into a cemetery by an asshole cop.

The Woodlands.mp3

Were you kids coming in here to do drugs and fuck?
Uh, what?
Were you kids coming in here to do drugs and fuck?
Arrest us for having fun.
We got some pot,
You got a gun.

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