April 5, 2010

Arms Akimbo//Giving Up For Good

What is Monday Mail?

Patrick from Vitriol says:

The band draws its influences from both the British indie scene of the past few decades as well as present-day American indie groups. Their sound oscillates from The Jam and Elvis Costello to The Strokes and The Libertines, with a handful of stops in-between. This sound, mixed with their mutual proclivity for Motown, gives The Arms Akimbo a melodic edginess that harkens back to a long musical tradition while, at the same time, strongly resonates with contemporary audiences.

This song seemed like an obvious choice to kickoff Good Week! Oh, and why is it Good Week? I’m sorry, have you been outside* lately? In case you haven’t, let me spell it out for you:

There’s also the matter of there being so many songs that discuss goodness. You might remember this one from Lykke Li. Or what about this one from ESG? And let’s not forget this one from Nina Simone. Is good the new “I”? The new “you”? The new “love”? The new “the?”

I am really enjoying this Arms Akimbo song. I definitely hear the Elvis Costello influence, but there’s enough other things floating around in the mix to make them sound unique.

Giving Up For Good.mp3

Now I've done all I could.
I'm gonna give up for good
And when I hit the floor,
I won't get up no more.
Oh, tell me what my time's been wasted for.

*Some restrictions may apply. Good Week applies to NYC residents only. Citizens of other regions of the USA or counties may experience different weather qualities. OSS takes no responsibility for weather patterns or freak storms.

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