February 2, 2010

The Very Best//The Warm Heart of Africa

Let me start by saying that even though I like The Very Best, I kind of hate Vampire Weekend. This is why I was surprised when, after a friend posted this song up on a social networking site, I loved it. First I listened to it and thought, “that sounds like the guy from Vampire Weekend.” Then I confirmed: “That IS the guy from Vampire Weekend.” Then, I pondered: “Do I like it even though it features that guy from Vampire Weekend?” The answer: a resounding, “fuck yeah!”. Now, I’m waking up in the morning with this jam in my head. It really is just that catchy.

The “guy” in question is Ezra Koenig, who grew up just one town over from me in NJ exactly when I was growing up there. Look at us now.

More importantly, the band in question is The Very Best, which is comprised of African-born/UK-residing Esau Mwamwaya and the boys from UK-based electronic outfit (either unfortunately or awesomely named) Radioclit. As the makeup of collaborators would suggest, the group produces tunes that blend African rhythms with electronic sensibilities.

It’s cold in New York right now…and it’s going to be cold for a while. Blast your heat, close your eyes, put this song on and imagine yourself dancing in the deliciously warm heart of Africa.

Warm Heart of Africa.mp3

When the boys move fast, you should take it slow.

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