February 24, 2010

Tracy + The Plastics//(We Meet the) Queerion

Oh, happy day. Oh, day I have been waiting for. Today is the day we are going to listen to one of my favorite live acts ever, Tracy + The Plastics.

I first saw Tracy (aka feminist video-artist Wynne Greenwood) and her Plastics (also aka Wynne Greenwood) at a very hilarious electroclash tour at The Majestic Theater in Detroit on October 17th, 2002. I had heard how amazing T+TPs were from friends who had seen them (her) the year before opening for Le Tigre. They could not stop talking about how hilarious she was.

As it turns out, I wrote a VERY SNARKY (in keeping with the paper's style) review of this show for The Michigan Daily the next day. Let's just go to a relevant segment of that now:

Tracy + the Plastics were the first official performers. They were absolutely wonderful and also incredibly bizarre. Tracy, whose real name is Wynne Greenwood, makes her prerecorded “music” on a drum machine and midi keyboard then sings along onstage. What really made Tracy spectacular was her witty between-song banter with two alter-egos (the Plastics), Nikki and Cola. These characters were really just pre-recorded camcorder footage of Tracy playing the parts of the Plastics projected onto a screen. By the way, they all talked like that popular Asian girl on MTV’s Daria. Although she is most likely on some very heavy drugs, Tracey’s act was highly amusing.*

And since I really, really want you guys to understand this, here's a video:

This one is also really good.

Sadly, Wynne ended T+TP ended in 2006. Hard to say what Wynne is up to these days. The last thing Wikipedia has her doing is teaching art to kids convicted of crime in Seattle. Still, it's never too late to buy Musclers Guide to Videotronics (hurry! right now there's only one left on Amazon).

(We Meet the) Queerion.mp3

You have my suit.
I want it back.

*I have a feeling some of my good friends might want to re-read this review in full. If you're one of them, let me know and I'll direct you to it.


Janeen Rastall said...

she sells Forever Sucks and Musclers Guide to Videonics www.wynnegreenwood.com/store/store.html
To get a feel for what she is doing check out her art: http://www.lawrimoreproject.com/lp/Exhibitions/Entries/2010/1/7_WET_AND_LEATHERHARD.html
and her video work here http://gettingtoknowyoubetter.wordpress.com/2009/11/24/wynne-greenwood-is-a-motherfucking-genius/
I agree she is a mf genius :)

g said...

So awesome. Thanks for the info.