February 1, 2010

The Car Is on Fire//Ombarrops!

Air Mail, Monday Mail!
Now that we’ve returned to the present, let’s catch up on Monday Mail.

In what is undoubtably one of the weirdest solicitations I have ever received, Mariusz writes:

In the 1960s, the government of Poland attempted to secretly join the so-called “Star Wars” programme. Alone in this endeavor, however and with confidence in short supply, it failed to live up to the standards set by the superpowers of the time. Though it did manage to send three astronauts into space. “The Car Is on Fire” team was to fulfill a project known by the code-name “Ombarrops!”. Their research was assigned to Soma station, headed by John McEntire, well-known for his participation in such expeditions as “Tortoise”, “The Sea and Cake” or “Stereolab”.

Unfortunately, on the way back home, their capsule ran out of fuel, leaving them all alone in the abyss of endless space until this day. Their country abandoned them a long time ago, so they’ve decided to send this message into the ether, hoping to be saved someday. But the most important are the results of their scientific research, which can be found below.

The so-called “scientific research” includes this song, a jumpy, jittery, poppy anthem from their latest effort of the same name.

Apparently, this band is really big in their native Poland and even won a Fryderyk (the Polish equivalent of a Grammy). They also have songs called “Parker Posey” and “Ex Sex is (not) the Best.” Ain’t that the truth. I mean…


In this life, in this life full of boundaries,
We should appreciate all the victories.

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