January 22, 2010

Modern Medical Miracle//Right By Your Side

Stop Motion. Fridaytime. Local Music Friday.
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Alan Markley, a friend of a friend, has a band called Modern Medical Miracle, who we played a show with at one of my least favorite (and now thankfully defunct) NYC spaces, The Annex. Of course, the crappiness of the venue doesn't have anything to do with Markley's songs, which are fun and upbeat.

Alan sent along this video last week and it's really too cute not to put up here. The video and the song correctly capture that rapturous moment when you feel yourself falling in love. It's impossible to avoid being precious, saccharine and a tad cheesy when venturing into this subject matter, but MMM embraces it (think: that ridiculous but perfect Hall and Oates-backed dance sequence in 500 Days of Summer) and comes out on the other end endearing and intact. Besides, it's hard to take a stop-motion stick figure made of bent paper clips dancing around in a teacup TOO seriously.

Right By Your Side.mp3

It's feeling right,
Right by your side.

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