December 17, 2009


Manc, the hotbed of post-punk and post-industrial decay, also gave us James.

The band started out as Tribal Outlook and eventually changed their name (good move, guys) to James after bassist Jim Glennie. A gig at the Hacienda got them signed to Factory. They went on tour to support The Fall and The Smiths. Still, they didn't really break until the 90s with the release of their album, Gold Mother. A few albums later, Eno produced a double album, one of songs (Laid,) and one experimental (Wah-Wah).

This song, probably the band's biggest hit, is full of sex, gender-bending and pyscho-therapy. What's not to love?

James broke up in 2001, but they're back together again now and planning to release a new album in 2010.

Also, my friends over at The Party Store alerted me to the awesomeness of this video:


My therapist says not to see you no more,
She says you're like a disease without any cure.

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