December 1, 2009

Ida Maria//Oh My God

Oh! My! God! I can’t stop listening to this album. I have absolutely no idea where it came from or how I heard about it, but it’s amazing.

Although the sound is a little glossy for my usual tastes and the songs are written a a bit weakly, Ida Maria has impeccable timing, borrowed obviously but not annoyingly from ‘70s garage. She’s also got a voice that would sound like Rosemary Clooney if she were singing American ‘50s standards, but in this context, hits these amazing graveled-out snarls and screams, more Mick Jagger than Mambo Italiano.

From Norway, and currently living in Sweden, Maria has won many awards in Europe. She’s also a synesthete, which I think is awesome.

Despite some recent controversy over her performance on Perez Hilton’s music fest (yeek), I am still hoping she’ll end up in New York soon. She’s sadly cancelled the rest of her tour, officially citing exhaustion, with rumors of drug/alcohol problems swirling unofficially around the internet. Console yourself by buying her album and listening very loud through headphones (preferably over a roaring A train).

Oh My God.mp3

Find a cure,
Find a cure for my life.
Put a price,
put a price on my soul.
Build a wall,
Build a fortress around my heart.
Oh my god!
You think I´m in control?
Oh my god!
Oh, you think it´s all for fun.
Is this fun for you?

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