November 23, 2009

Hurricane Bells//The Winters in New York

BRRR: Monday Mail.
What is Monday Mail?

The winters in New York are cold, but not as cold as the ones in Chicago, where it is always at least 10 degrees colder. I’m back from there now and that said, we actually had pretty awesome weather this time around. It was warm enough to be outside without scarves and hats much of the time.

Neha, from Vangrant, says:

Vagrant's latest signing is a band called Hurricane Bells which was created by Longwave vocalist, Steve Schiltz. The band's debut album, Tonight Is the Ghost, was released on Nov 11th… The band gained attention by earning a spot on the highly credible Twilight: New Moon soundtrack released last month.

While I highly DON’T CARE about their Twilight slot (if anything this makes me NOT want to listen), I have to say, I’m glad I did because this band is nice. I hear a lot of subtle influences in the sound: vox that are reminiscent of The Shins, drums/ guitar/keyboard combo actually sounds a bit like Varnaline, electric guitar tone that reminds me of vintage 10KM. All good except that weird overdramic guitar solo, which I am not sure if I like yet.

Doing a bit of research, it seems as though this band/guy (Bells is really just the solo project of Longwave’s Steven Schilitz) was relatively unknown until his not-much-viewed myspace page led him to the Twilight gig. That’s some serious luck, huh? Of course, having talent certainly doesn’t hurt.

The Winters in New York.mp3

The winters in New York are hell
With bitterness and cold.

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