November 4, 2009

The Glands//Livin' Was Easy

Speaking of songs with which I have a strong memory association, this song reminds me of a sparkly late spring morning, just after my freshman year of college. I was living back at my parent's house, walking down to Montclair to get a cup of coffee. The day was beautiful and perfect and I kind of was asking myself (in a playful, non-serious way) why I had gone away from their home.

It's funny, but no one seems to know much about this band and no one seems to know where they are now. Someone even made a YouTube video about it--for real. What is known is that they were from Athens and they have a kind of off-putting name. says:
The Glands self-released their debut album in 1997. The band claims they called it Double Thriller because they used the same mixing console for it that Michael Jackson used for his Thriller album. Uh, sure. Well, anyway, Bar/None heard the record (which features "Welcome to New Jersey," by the way) and decided to give it a proper release

I've never heard Double Thriller, but I loved their self-titled when it came out. Like many, I wish they would release a new one! Glands, where you at?

Livin' Was Easy.mp3

Why did I go?
I had it so easy.
I had a room of my own
and the weather so warm.

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