November 30, 2009

Bebel Gilberto//The Real Thing

Smoooooth Monday Mail. What is Monday Mail?

It’s very hard for me to resist a collaboration between the daughter of João Gilberto (Astrud was his wife) and Winehouse-producer Mark Ronson (SamRo is his sis).

Myles from Sneak Attack says:

Originally performed by Sergio Mendes and written by Steve Wonder, Bebel Gilberto and Mark Ronson put their spin on "The Real Thing". The original version is an undeniable disco track, but one would never know from this reinterpretation. Bebel's sultry voice and Mark Ronson's killer horns and percussion reintroduce this classic to a new generation of music fans. "The Real Thing" appears on Bebel Gilberto's new album All In One, out now.

The production on this is, predictably, lush, fabulous and lounge-y. So sit back, relax and try to let go of your anger at having to return to work post-four day weekend.

The Real Thing.mp3

Had a chance to look forward
To be part of your love in my dreams,
But I can't be happy with
Fantasizing instead of the real thing.
The real thing, not my dreams--
The real thing.

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