October 30, 2009

That's Him! That's The Guy//Canst Thou Summon

BOO! Local Music Friday!
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Oh my God, guys, tomorrow is Halloween!!! OOOOH, SPOOKY!

Last night, A. and I went to a Haunted House. It wasn't exactly that scary, but it was still a good time. Then, I bought some candy for tomorrow night's 50/50 show, which will feature David Martin of Michigan band That's Him! That's The Guy!

I never actually got to see TH!TTG! when I lived in Michigan, although my friend Travis told me they were awesome. Palmyra had the pleasure of playing a show with them before Joe moved out of town, which was quite enjoyable, even if it was at the worst venue in lower Manhattan.

I was really impressed with their beautiful harmonies and their pretty/melancholy (everyone knows that this is my favorite combo!) tunes. I hear that tomorrow David will be accompanied by some special guest singers. I'm totally geeked. Come out for music, the clanking of pipes in my basement, candy corn and cheep beer. Sure to please. Costumes optional.

Canst Thou Summon.mp3

The hook comes again.
Oh, Leviathan.

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