October 27, 2009

Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down//When We Swam

I know I’ve already written about Thao once here, but I think it’s worth it to share this awesome song from her very recently released new album, Know Better, Learn Faster.

The album’s definitely different from the debut and I don’t want to say better or worse; just different. Mostly, this is because it’s rooted so deeply in a what must be one particularly rough breakup…in fact the songs almost seem to be a chorological account, albeit a somewhat veiled one, of the rise and fall of drama. There’s “I don’t know if this is working”. There’s “don’t go”. There’s “come back”. There’s “goodbye”. There’s “really? Goodbye?” Then there’s “fuck yeah! Goodbye! And finally "yeah, I am still depressed but I’m going to go force myself to have fun to forget about this.”

Thao and her band really do have something special going on. The songs are well-written, the sound is cohesive and the one time I saw them live, they were stellar. Bonus: Andrew Bird contributes to the title track, which is predictably beautiful.

This song is, as Amy put it on Saturday night, really American and kind of Mo-Town. I love it. As exemplified in her previous featured song, girl knows how to make a great video. BEACH PARTY!!!

If this is really the effect that Lilith Fair has on the next generation of female singer-songwriters, then honestly, thanks Sarah McLachlan. I went to one of your events. Then I made fun of it as I got older. But this kind of rules! I want to hear more! Bring it on!

When We Swam.mp3

When we swam our love to pieces,
We washed up on messy beaches.

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