October 22, 2009

Talking Heads//Psycho Killer, Once in a Lifetime (Live)

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Gina, you are a liar and a slacker.” Well, listen, I might be one. I didn’t deliver yesterday and honestly, there’s usually been about a day every week where I don’t lately. I’m not saying I don’t feel bad. I don’t want to let you guys down. That said, you barely ever answer me when I ask you questions. For example, a few days ago I asked everybody what they wanted to be when they grew up and no one responded. I was genuinely interested! C’mon guys! Shape up! I want to see some dedication!

While I might not actually be here every day, I will never leave you short on songs, because I really care about you guys! Let’s try to work it out!

So, listen: if you’re in NYC like me, you’re probably lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ this weird summery weather, especially after the week of intense dank doom we experienced last week. If you’re in NYC like me, you probably also went to the amazing free David Byrne show at the beginning of the summer in Prospect Park. Face it, I know you were there. EVERYONE was there. I think I saw 9/10ths of the people I know in the world that night. And Mr. Byrne looked like a the hazy light of Jesus in the distance across throngs of young hipsters, aging hipsters and Park Slope hipster parents. Someone gave you a sip of whiskey straight from the bottle. Someone in front of you was smoking a joint. The twilight fell on roaring applause and dancers in weird costumes. Remember?

While that time has passed, we can still think back on it fondly as we prepare to enter the cold hell of winter. We can also give thanks to David Byrne for his many cultural contributions to society: attractive custom bike racks (and a book about cycling), an incredible installation involving a hacked vintage organ, slightly crazy hair, Luaka Bop, the big suit, amazing work with Talking Heads, a tasteful solo career and a willingness to cover Talking Heads songs live in concert to this day. Mr. Byrne, we salute you.

Also, a random thought, I will always remember Jill’s sisters dancing to Psycho Killer, which Jill made them do in front of all her college friends, kind of against their will. Jill’s sisters, we salute you too.

Psycho Killer.mp3

Once in a Lifetime.mp3

You start a conversation, you can't even finish it.
You're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything.
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
Say something once, why say it again?


Curt Shannon said...

Great songs, great post - and I'm not even in NYC! Can't say what I want to be when I grow up - do you have to grow up?

Julie said...

i wanted to study dinosaurs and travel africa. :)

g said...

Thanks, Curt and Julie.

Curt: I don't think so.

Julie: Did you get to? Or did that just change?