October 12, 2009

School of Seven Bells//Iamundernodisguise (Vocal Mix I)

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What is Monday Mail?

Angelina, one of my dearest friends in this whole world, first introduced me to this band. She was playing one of their records at her place in Chicago and I was immediately interested. What IS this?

And so now, Jeremy from Vagrant says:

This album will be available digitally everywhere on 10/13….In my opinion the bonus tracks on this album really stand out, even more so than their original versions. Also, the band announced at ACL last week that their new album will be titled "Disconnect From Desire" and will be available next year.

The album he's talking about is Alpinisms and the band, School of Seven Bells, is comprised Benjamin Curtis of Secret Machines and identical twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza. They are named after a mysterious South American pickpocket-training academy. Awesome. They are also on Ann Arbor’s wonderful Ghostly label.

I’m really into this track (one of the bonus tracks that Jeremy mentions) and much of the album. The sound is a bit hazy, dark and mystical, with inventive rhythms and beautiful vocals. There’s a repetitive chant-like element to many of SoSB's tracks, but it’s also pop, albeit a new kind of pop that carries a sort of duality, blending electronics with melody; sometimes danceable, sometimes depressive.

Alas, it is Monday. I’m totally ready to meditate my way out of this one.

Iamundernodisguise (Vocal Mix I).mp3

New Yorkers: SoSB hits Music Hall of Williamsburg on 10/23.

I am neither breather nor speaker.
I am neither walker nor sleeper.
I am neither sister, brother, son, nor daughter.
Solely in my chest is my heart, a drum of water.
I am under no disguise.

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