October 9, 2009

Grandchildren//Cold Warrior

Danger! Danger! Local Music Friday!
Tell me...what is this Local Music Fridays?

Like yesterday's feature Jill Scott, this band is also from Philly. I first met Roman Salcic after he (and Emily) helped us play a show at Danger! Danger! Gallery. Later, we got to play with his band, Grandchildren, at The Mitten as part of a big outdoor music fest.

These guys are super talented and totally nice. Their music is extremely forward-thinking and hard to categorize, but fans of Animal Collective will most likely find something to love here. There's lots of texture, but also plenty of melody.

Also, my friend Matt, who used to live in Philly, showed up to our Chicago show wearing a Grandchildren tee shirt. I felt extremely jealous of his stylish attire.

Cold Warrior.mp3

Grandchildren plays Quiet Color's "Anti-CMJ Showcase presented by Fruitsential" show on 10/23. Looks like they also have an actual CMJ show at Le Poisson Rogue too. Maybe I can pick up a shirt at one of these?

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