October 26, 2009

El Perro del Mar//Change of Heart

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Another Gothemburg export (like Jens), I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard from El Perro del Mar (literally "The Dog from the Sea" in Spanish). My friend Kirstin introduced me a few years back (thanks, LastFM recommendations!). Honestly, my biggest issue has been that some of the music is slightly repetitive and…cutesy…cutesy/sad…? Is that the right word?

Naturally my ears (er eyes) perked up when I saw this email from Myles at Sneak Attack:

We're going to keep descriptions of the new El Perro Del Mar music video to a minimum and let the video speak for itself. What we can say is that we'd be surprised if you've ever seen a music video like this. And please note, the entire video was shot in ONE TAKE.

The video (see below) is REALLY amazing. Also amazing is the song and the sound. I see it as a vast departure for EPdM. This sadness isn’t cute. It seems more complex, with a darkness, melancholy and a sort of 70s groove. I’m excited to check out the album, Love is not Pop.

You can catch her here in NYC on 11/9 at Webster Hall.

Change of Heart.mp3

Your voice in my ear,
Carry me back home.


Chris said...

those guys are crazy. i saw a cirque du soleil show in vegas with something very similar (may have even been the same guys) and it was NUTS. and i love this song too. totally right about being less "cute".

g said...

Seems like it would be totally amazing to see these guys live. It's pretty spectacular, even on video.

I'm so glad it's less cute. Sounds much more mature to me.