October 13, 2009

Bjork//Hidden Place

Bjork, another contemplative largely-electronic artist who employs more than a touch of spirituality and mysticism in her work, seems like a natural follow-up to yesterday’s post.

This album came out right around when I got to college for my Freshman year. That first year of school was an intense and rather emotionally scary one for me. I remember getting lost in the lush and pretty sonic drama of this record.

Of course, Bjork has been releasing solid albums for many years. One night, Kenny and I got lost on the highways of North Jersey for over two hours while trying to go visit friends (not that far away) and listened to Post for much of this tumultuous teenage odyssey. It was ridiculous and culminated in us being sucked into a black hole of a neighborhood of Oakland, NJ that contained only Native American-themed streets and avenues, which we contemptuously referred to as simply “The Indian Names.” This Bermuda Triangle was the last straw for us, and we decided to give up and go home, switching the CD from Radiohead’s depressing Kid A to Tina Turner’s triumphant Best Of, which included her jaunty rendition of “Rollin’ on the River.”

Another random Bjork memory: the first time I ever went to PS 1, they were projecting the amazing video for “All is Full of Love”(yep, the one with the robots making out), in a giant auditorium-like room. I was there with my cousins. I sat cross-legged on the floor and watched it a few times through. It was a near-religious experience.

I saw her in concert once, at the baseball stadium by Coney Island. It was rad. There was a swan costume involved.

Hidden Place.mp3

He's the beautifullest,
Still strong,
Dark and divine.
And the littleness of his movements
Hides himself.
He invents a charm that makes him invisible,
Hides in the air.
Can I hide there too?

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