September 16, 2009

Josh Clayton-Felt//What Do I Know?

I believe I have mentioned before on this blog my stepbrother's habit of giving me CDs as birthday presents in the early years of my teenage existence (thanks, Joel). This record actually may have been the first he ever gave me, probably around when I was 14 or 15 years old. I played it obsessively (alone, in my room, probably writing poetry; or, through headphones on long cartrips with my parents when I didn't want to have any kind of interaction or conversation, a typical teen move) and, maybe because of this, I continue to return to and find solace in it over 10 years later.

Josh Clayton-Felt, who died tragically young after a struggle with cancer, was one of those truly underrated and under-the-radar singer-songwriter types (he was also in School of Fish) and probably should have been enormously popular. He supported this album (Inarticulate Nature Boy) by touring with Tori Amos, and may have ended up a giant mainstream success, but sadly never really got the chance.

His songs are all catchy, well-written and very well produced, with innovative arrangement and instrumentation choices, especially for an album released in 1996. For newbies, I highly recommend it. For kind, fully-employed and devoted readers of this blog, you may consider purchasing this for me. Worth a shot, right?

What Do I Know.mp3

With all your answers and all your plans
You hope will last forever.
But the sun moves
And the light shifts.
It's tomorrow now, isn't it?


strangedays said...

This is a treat. Josh was reaaly under appreciated, but I have given this CD as gifts myself. I saw him at Peabody's in Cleveland with Aimee on that tour. I was also lucky enough to see School of Fish a year or so earlier. My only regret is that he didn't leave a bigger library of music before his untimely demise.

g said...

Agree, strangedays! And glad to see there are still so many ardent JCF fans out there.