September 2, 2009

Fountains of Wayne//Hackensack

Will was asking me about a Fountains of Wayne song yesterday, which jogged my memory about this one.

I feel pretty 80 (Nay)/20 (Yay) about FoW, but holy shit, I love this song...and not just because it's about Hackensack aka my birthplace. I was kind of holding it back, thinking maybe someday I'd do a NJ week or something, but hey, I think it works here, so why not?

The real Fountains of Wayne, after which the band is named, is indeed a retail establishment where you can purchase various lawn ornaments off Rte 46 in Wayne, NJ. I spent much of my childhood, sitting in a backseat, driving by it. The store, which also had a featured scene in another NJ classic, The Sopranos, was rumored (in March) to be closing. Haven't been by this stretch of 46 lately, guys. Is this true?

Fountains of Wayne, the band, started in the 90s and have been rocking the purist of power pop since. The went on hiatus in 1999 and reformed in 2001, covering, wait for it, a Kinks song. Wonders never cease.

Also, something hilarious: remember that movie, That Thing You Do. Adam Schlesinger apparently wrote that song? Also, Ethan just pointed out to me that he's in this "super" group. SO weird.


I used to work in a record store, now I work for my Dad
Scraping the paint off of hardwood floors. The hours are pretty bad.
Sometimes I wonder where you are, probably in L.A.
That seems to be where everybody else ends up these days.
But I will wait for you
As long as I need to
And if you ever get back to Hackensack,
I'll be here for you.


Mike said...

Holy shit, I love this song too!

Josh Prowler said...

such a pleasant song about a place not to far from me.

g said...

Nobody doesn't like Fountains of Wayne!

shades5178 said...

it is true, Fountains of Wayne is no longer in business :(

g said...

So sad!