August 17, 2009

Miguel de Braganza//Study for Potato Gun

Exprmntl Mndy//////Monday Mail
What is Monday Mail?

Miguel de Braganza just wrote in to say hi following the death of Michael Jackson a few months ago. He also sent me a link to his myspace, which included some delightfully weird, pretty, analogy stuff, in addition to a long intense biography (feel free to read it (or check his dates--NYers can catch him on Aug. 30 at Arlene's) on your own time). Miguel explains, of this tune:

Potato Gun is an original that I made for a sound exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston.

You know what this reminds me of? Elephant Six—that’s what. Specifically, Olivia Tremor Control. I admire the way the music shifts, very experimentally, while also retaining melody. There’s a whole slew of influences here (folk, noisepop, dirgey lofi), ripped apart and recombined to form something new. Not only is this enjoyable to listen to, it also takes you on a strange journey.

Furthermore, to tie into Friday’s post, we can all thank Mr. Paul for all the amazing multi-track technology that lets us record these complex and layered soundscapes. Seriously. Thank you.

Study for Potato Gun.mp3

You’ll always travel a lonesome road.

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