August 27, 2009

Dirty Projectors//Cannibal Resource, No Intention

Loves. I'm really sorry but I didn't get OSS done yesterday because my waking hours severely got away from me. Ever have one of those days where you're not exactly sure what you did with your time, but before you know it, it's getting dark. Yep, that's what happened. Still, I hate when I fail you, whoever it is you are.

One pretty fantastic thing about yesterday was that I got to DJ with Pat at Lucky 7 in Jersey City and it was SO MUCH FUN. Playing records and drinking for free--sign me up.

Anyway, switching gears, since I missed a day I'd like to make it up to you with two jams today from the album I became obsessed with basically overnight, The Dirty Projector's Bitte Orca.

I think finally deciding to listen to this band is a great example of Gladwell's Tipping Point theory. Here's what happened:

1. I heard the Dirty Projectors in a variety of places over the last few years. On comps, webisodes, ect. I saw their name on fliers. I didn't think much of them. There are a lot of bands in the world.

2. Various press outlets freaked out about Bitte Orca.

3. My friends in Chicago told me to check out Bitte Orca.

4. Finally, I had dinner with Scott a few nights ago. We were bemoaning the death of "the album." He asked, "what was the last album you heard that you liked through and through?" I answered with a few recent albums I really liked. He said, "Well, I guess I like Bitte Orca all the way through." Case closed.

And hey, it's worth it. This band is weird, because they sound exactly like themselves (in this way, I keep thinking about the Fiery Furnaces, who also sound exactly like themselves). How do you categorize this music? Into what genre does it fall? I have no idea, but the extreme originality of the sound and composition lets me forgive the occasionally ridiculous and bad lyrics that are peppered throughout the album (alongside some that are quite interesting and profound, to be fair). And the hooks, which you can't even tell are there at first, get into you, so that you wake up with them in your head in the morning. No joke--it happened to me.

Cannibal Resource.mp3

No Intention.mp3

<--These MP3s disappeared because copyright owners weren't into it.

I think you're more than a terrified witness
Behind the arbitrary line.


Kevin said...

I have been obsessed with Dirty Projectors since I saw them play with Xiu Xiu all the way back in 2006. And I think Bitte Orca may be my favorite of their albums.

g said...

I definitely want to check out more of their stuff now.

Chris said...

i think my favorite moment of the album is during useless chamber when the music stops and the girls sing with screaming "ahhhhh"s, and then suddenly switch to soothing "ohhhh"s and then back again. love the contrast.

g said...

Seriously. That song has so much weird shit going on. So awesome.